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We are having a problem with e-net cable length. We are connecting Verizon Westell 7500 modem/routers to Meraki ( gateways. The modem/router and the Meraki gateway refuse to connect when the Belden e-net cable is greater than 50 feet or so. The cable is being taken directly from the box. We are using top of the line RJ45 connectors, and we are very careful with the connectorization. Any ideas?
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  1. Is the total cable run 50 feet or is that only one segment? Meaning is there another run of cable in a wall through a jack to the routers or is it a direct 50 ft. connection?

    You may need to work with either the gateway vendor or Verizon, although in these situations you will get "well my side works right" from both parties more often than not.
  2. What color code are you using in your cables? It sounds like you are creating the cables yourself.
  3. The cables are single segments. That is, the cables original in a port of the Verizon (Westell) modem/router and terminate at the port of a Meraki gateway. The wires are wired IAW EIA###A - straight through connectorization. However, Meraki tech sup states that its gateways are self-configuring - the wiring - EIA###A or EIA###B - doesn't matter!!!

    I've searched on the i-net for issues with these modem/routers - no go - nada, zip, zilch, nichts!!! I think the next step is getting Verizon on the line to see what's what.

    I appreciate your interest and suggestions. I'll let you know what I find out!!
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