1st build with 600-800 budget. What parts?

Need a computer for average gaming doesn't need to be top quality just stable with no lag on screen. I was thinking about a intel CPU but I'm open to all other products.
Budget Range: 600-800
System Usage: Gaming, Recording movies from DVR.
Country of Origin: United States





Graphics Card:

Power Supply

Tower: Cooler Master
Overclocking: Maybe

Subtotal: 99.98

Before rebates.
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  1. Check out my build guide for $600 change the i3 2100 to the i5 2400
    And change the 5850 to the 560 Ti OC'd TF II MSI
    That should bring you to $800 (Since your case).

    It'll be a solid build, if you could buy it off the Amazon link that'd be great. Not sure if you need OS or Monitor because you don't list it.
  2. OS I have what monitor would you recommend?
  3. Well is the monitor included in the budget or no? If it is, then I'll suggest a cheaper card.
  4. Monitor is not included in budget.
  5. Ok tysm for quick reply. I have a brief idea of what I'm going to buy :)
  6. One more question. Should I stick with the stock fan that comes with the i5 or buy a different one? Do I has to apply thermal gel or w.e it is with the stock or only with 3rd party?
  7. The stock fan on the i5 2400 is pretty good. But if you think you need a aftermarket cooler then the Hyper 212+ is all you'll need. AS5 is the best priced aftermarket paste.
  8. Im thinking about getting i5 2500k. If you put that into your computer would you stick with the stock fan or buy a aftermarket?
  9. I would go aftermarket and try to OC as well. If that is the case (getting the 2500K and all) I'd try to spend a little more and get this mobo combo. Worth it for future SLI is possible.
  10. SLI 2 graphics cards working together to for example have better framerate in games?
  11. Yes....
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