Directx 11 set up for windos 7

i have baught a new compaq laptop but when i tried to run a game it showed me an error msg that direct draw accelaration is disabled n when i checked the setting i saw that Direct Draw accelaration is not awailible and drect 3d accelaration is also not availible.please tell me what to do
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  1. what graphics do you have? integrated or dedicated card? AMD/nvidia/intel?
    anyways install the drivers for it, check the compaqs website for support/download.

    and update DirectX
    download that and run it, it will download and install all the 'missing' newer files.
  2. I'm guessing something is wrong with your video card driver. Win 7 comes with DX11 after all. Did you buy your laptop new or was it a display model?
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