New combo won't post/fans on full blast

Hey everybody, so my fathers pc finally started heading south so we decided to 'refurbish' it. I purchased a new HDD and motherboard for it. I was hoping to run Ubuntu on it but I didn't realize till after I purchased it that the board didn't support linux so I will just have to transfer the xp license.

When I flip the power switch on the power supply the MoBo lights come on and the fans run on full blast, but it wont do anything else. I know everything is connected correctly and I tested my power supply in another pc and it checks out. I tried it with 2 sticks of ram(pc4200), tried each one individually, I even turned it on with the processor heat sink off to see if the processor would warm up but it didn't. (oh and yes I know I'm putting the ram in the correct slots)

Here are the components in the pc:
HP Pavilion A1523w (only the case and cd drives remain)

Power supply: Thermaltake TR2 430W
Processor: Pentium D 820
MoBo: Intel DG33TL (purchased from here: )
HDD: Seagate barracuda 500GB
Ram: PC4200 (generic sticks) One of which is original
GPU: ATI 4650 and onboard

I've tried using the onboard graphics and an external card, the only thing I haven't tried is another processor(because I don't have one). Everything I've read and researched says this combination should work, anybody have any ideas?
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  1. Make sure you have connected the CPU power connection. Its the small 4 pin plug near the CPU, then verify the bios reset jumper is not in reset mode.

    If that doesn't work reply here or message me directly.
  2. Some motherboards for reasons unknown to me are in BIOS protect mode from the factory, so try resetting CMOS.
    Also like dale said make sure the 4 pin CPU suplimental power is plugged in.
    If it still doesnt work then you have a defective mobo from the factory you will need to exchange it for a new one, it happens.
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys. Unfortunately resetting the CMOS did nothing. Just to ensure that I wasn't crazy I took it over to my local pc store guy and he had a couple different 775 socket processors we threw into it and none of them helped the situation. After trying a few random things he came up with the same conclusion I did; "The MoBo is not transferring the 12volts from the connector to the processor". So therefore we are calling the board a DOA.
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