Good 100$ Computer Case

I am looking for a good 100$ case
at first I was interested in the corsair carbide 500R

But then I thought it was too expensive

so can anyone recommend an elegant 100$ computer case
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    corsair 400r ( i currently have this one as my case, has great cable management and build quality)

    antec 900 v3 (have built using this case, great out of the box cooling and build quality)

    cooler master HAF 922 (great out of the box cooling, jack of all trades...master of none)

    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K59 (may be the best of the four mentioned, kind of a less aggressive HAF 922 in looks with a similar interior)

    as usual cases are mostly about looks, get the one you think looks best

    the corsair and lian li would have the most "elegant" look while the antec and cooler master lean to more "aggressive"
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