Hard Boot...first install...need help

I'm using an ASUS p8z77 V premium mobo and am currently trying to get a hard boot to see if BIOS screen is up and running. I believe that I have all necessary wires connected to mobo for this to work...however in my infinite wisdom, I bent one of the pins that accepts the cpu...It looked like only 1 pin was bent so I corrected as best as possible and it looks OK. I have the 24 pin power connector cable installed, HDMI out is connected as well, RAM, CPU are all in...It is ivy bridge cpu so it has integrated graphics.
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  1. What exactly is the problem you are having?

    I can't think of a time when I have heard someone that tried to fix a bent pin and they couldn't do it if they tried hard.

    Is it not working or what?
  2. I bent three pins once and then used a toothpick to straighten them out. As long as your computer runs then everything should be fine.
  3. And what? U didn't install the Windows?

    Are u reusing the old HDD?
  4. Well, I should probably change thread now...everything is working fine and I have assembled computer fully with windows and all...now my mobo's drivers wont install...everything else has worked like a charm
  5. Did u do a clean install?
  6. Is it impacting your ability to use the computer? If not then you can just ignore that problem.
  7. It isn't impacting computer performance, rather the only thing that is impeding me from full functionality is my HDD isn't recognized by windows
  8. I'm going to start new thread, thanks for the suggestions all
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