Need help on pricing my build.

I built a computer four months ago and i am planning to sell it and build a new one. Im asking if you guys can help me figure out how much my computer is worth.
My Build:

ASUS M4A79XTD EVO Atx mobo

nvidia gts 450 1gb of gddr5

530w modular psu

Amd phenom X4 3.2Gh

Adata 4Gb ddr3 1600

asus dvd burner

1 Tb seagate 7600rpm hdd.

3 extra case fans

It idles at 28-32c and runs at 50-56c at full load depending an room temp and it has had no problems playing crysis 1 and 2 at max.

I am just selling the tower, keyboard, and mouse. Your help is much appreciated.
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  1. I'd say list it for 95% of what you paid for it OBO.
  2. Consider you can get a core I5 desktop with all the fixins, brand new from any major PC manufacturer for about $550 and throw a $100 video card in it and have better performance that your current system and a warranty.

    You might be able to get $500 for the system, but in my opinion you would be better off just upgrading what you have with a new motherboard and CPU, then add a fancy video card and new power supply later, or do the video/power supply now, and cpu/board later..
  3. Thanks for your replies. Yea i invested 500 on it so i was thinking to at least sell it for 550 to get some profit. The reason im not just upgrading it is that i wanted to make a new build just because i enjoy it and wanted to make a liitle pocket money while doing it.
    Im 16 so making 50 bucks building a computer isn't too bad for me:) I could always overclock it a little? My point is that i want to keep building computers but not loose money doing it.
  4. any ideas?
  5. work for people who build computers
  6. The only business that does that in my part of California is a family owned business. I tried there anyways, but just father and sons.
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