My computer is not picking up router downstairs?

Hello, I have a Mac computer upstairs and a wireless router downstairs. The Mac picks up the signal fine and the internet works perfectly on it and has been for a long time now. Recently, i got given my PC back (which is fairly new) and it isn't connecting to our internet. It is picking up the router itself but it just isn't connecting. The router is a Belkin and the netowork adaptor is a Netgear. I don't know if that's an issue, if the length is an issue or something else. Does anyone know what's going on?
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  1. By "length" do you actually mean distance between wireless adapter and router or do you mean length of ethernet cable ?

    If it's a wireless issue, try to optimise your reception and avoid interference.

    1) raise the router above furniture level
    2) Experiment with channels (some will work better or worse depending on your environment)
    3) If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi, use a channel 5 stops away from strongest.
    4) Relocate cordless phone base or video sender etc.
    5) Be prepared to move the computer (or at least turn it so your body is not between the router signal and the wireless adapter's antenna.
  2. how would i go about changing 'channels'? sorry! i'm not very good with this sort of thing.
  3. You need the literature which came with the router - or download the manual from CD (?) or from maker's website.

    Connect the computer to the router with an ethernet cable.
    See the literature which came with your router for how to access the user setup screens in the router, IP address to enter in your browser address bar and for username (usually admin) and password into setup screens.

    Once in go to wireless settings.
  4. the computer is quite far away from the router, it would be extremely difficult to run an ethernet cable to it :(
    i will try to obtain the information from the person who had my PC before hand
    thanks for your help :)
  5. Disconnect the router and take it to the computer ?

    The maker's name and model number should be on the router, their support site should have the manual available as a pdf.
  6. oh right, thank you!
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