Asus p8 z77-v deluxe memory

Hello all,

My first build and I want to be sure my memory (Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1866C10R) will work properly. This board supports 32 GB, but the ASUS Qualified Vendor Lists doesn't list this configuration (2x8) for 16GB options. I wanted to install 2 DIMMs now and leave the other slots free to install 16 GB more later. Will this memory work properly or should I go with a 4x4 solution instead?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Yes it will work fine.

    Its @ 1.5V, so u are all set.
  2. Most RAM is not on the QVL list.
  3. Thanks Nikkor, that's what I needed to know!!!

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