Intel Core i3 2100 @3.1Ghz Bottleneck

Hi guys...

Can a Intel Core i3 2100 @3.1 Ghz handle sli or crossfirex without bottlenecking that much????

I was thinking about getting 2 gtx 560 (non ti) in SLI rather than 2 radeon hd 6870 basically because ive seen some reviews and 560 Performs better in sli...
(Any suggestions here???)

My rig:

Cooler Master Silent Pro 850W
4 GB Ram DDr3
Windows Vista X64
GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 (mobo)
geforce GT 240

Games ill play in the next months:

The Witcher 2
Battlefield 3

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  1. BTW ill be playing at 1920x1080
  2. criveraz86 said:
    BTW ill be playing at 1920x1080

    It most likely will to a point, hard to say how dramatic it will be or not. It would probly be fine if threads were utilized in game. Hard to say tbh.
  3. but... like how much % average will bottleneck???? 10% 20% 30%
  4. well... 2 gtx 560 (non ti) outperforms a single gtx 570... and im not willing to upgrade my processor so id like to pick the best choice... 570 is really good... but an i3 2100 and 570 in sli is not an option...
  5. Bottlenecking is a far too overused word. By definition, for a processor to bottleneck a video card (or cards) it would mean that a certain cpu would have to reach it's limit at a certain framerate and no matter what gpu you use, you could not exceed that limit. The i3, just like any capable modern processor, is fine for any setup, of course you could get higher frames from a better cpu, but you will be just fine with the i3 and two 560's.
  6. and talking about performance what would be better? gtx 560 (non ti) sli or hd 6870 in crossfire
  7. No bottleneck, any bottleneck will be on the GPU as most modern games are GPU intensive.

    If you want the best bang for your buck, scrap both and instead crossfire two 6850s and overclock them. They regularly go on sale for $110 with a rebate. So why spend unneeded cash when they'll max out every game.
  8. I'm pretty sure Nvidia cards scale much better in multi-gpu setups so 560 would be your choice.
  9. I live in Mexico so the prices r not the same than in US... 6870 and 560 costs the same around 280.00 dlls, and 6850 is like 40 bucks difference 240.00... So for 80 bucks, totally worth it imo
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    +1 to above poster... just buy one gtx 570 , sure you may get less AVERAGE fps, but your minimum fps will be more stable, you will not have microstuttering, and thus your overall gameplay and video game experience will be better.

    Buy the gtx 570/ or a 6950 and you can play all of those games I guarantee it.

    If you still want to do Sli then I would stick with NVIDIA as it seems they have less issues with microstuttering, so buy the gtx 560s or if you can find them buy two gtx 460 1gbs and overclock them to gtx 560 levels (the 460 and 560 are exactly equivalent when running at the same speeds). I am only saying this because gtx 460 can be found cheaper than a gtx 560 ... but it's the same performance so why spend more for no reason... really....
  11. i can even buy a 6970 xfx be, but do you think will outperform 2 gtx 560?
  12. No, the 560 Sli and the 6870 cf both beat the 570/6970/6950 (here check anandtech bench for yourself

    BUT and this is important: Everything is not about the highest average fps, with dual card set-ups comes the cost of microstuttering. Just get the fastest single card you can afford... so much easier. Unless somebody here can say for sure the 560 Sli has no issues.... which I don't think anybody can after toms article saying there are issues
  13. can u point me into the article from tomss plz?

    So if this stuttering thing is a real problem ill definetly go 1st for the 6970 imo
  14. here it is bro, read through it and decide for yourself what to buy:,2995.html

    Plus if you get a 6970 or a 570 and then SLI or CF those later down the road there is less micro-stuttering with them, but then in that case I would say your i3-2100 would be holding you back because 570 sli/6970 cf is pretty powerful
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