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My front panel audio jack is not working

Case: Coolermaster Half 912
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-VLX

If you need any other information concerning hardware just ask. :)

So I've had this build for about 3 months and I use a USB headset so it never came up. My front panel audio connectors just are not working. As my rear also make a audiable "inserting headphone" sound that may be hard to explain. Any ideas or is this a reoccuring issue with 912's or P8Z68? I'm really lost and just need something to push me in one direction.

So, pretty much the audio ports do not work. If you tell me where the internal audio cables should be plugged I can double check if I did it. But honestly, I have no idea.
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    Your motherboard manual describes where to plug in the front audio.

    Are you actually getting sound out of the REAR audio jacks to desktop speakers?

    It's possible that the audio source is switched to the USB headphones thus deactivating the onboard sound.

    1) the onboard sound is enabled in the motherboard BIOS

    2) make sure the proper DRIVER software is installed (see motherboard drivers for your motherboard AND version of Windows)

    3) the onboard sound is the DEFAULT (right-click the audio icon in the System Tray-> "playback devices" -> "Realtek (or whatever)" set to DEFAULT.

    4) confirm sound to desktop speakers via the green 3.5mm output jack on the rear of the motherboard

    *If you then get sound from the motherboard but NOT from the front panel this means the case front audio cable is not hooked up correctly.

    **It's also good to:
    - make sure BIOS is up to date
    - make sure motherboard drivers are up to date (motherboard site)
    - Microsoft Updates all done (I use automatic updates. *Warning - never allow driver updates for audio, ethernet or graphics. The are sometimes WRONG. Just HIDE them.)
    - test Memory ( ; Memtest86+ v4.2)
  2. YES! Thank you! I found the correct audio and set as default when it's plugged in. My front panel connectors are not working but I have my usb headset while the rear will be for regular 2 way external(cheap) speakers. You have been such a help! do I label this as [SOLVED]
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