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X1 to x16

Okay, i am aware that my motherboard chipset supports sli for my gtx 560 ti, however, the actual board itself only has 1 x16 slot, so i was reading and , they have these riser cards that allow x1 to run x16, and i know they all are pci e 2.0 slots, so could i sli with another gtx 560 ti without any issues? It should have the right bandwidth if i get this riser card right? Atleast to run in x8 x8 mode?
My motherboard info, and my psu is a 850 watt black widow psu
-thanks in advance :)
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    No it will not work! The riser card is only so you can physically fit a X16 connector to X1 connector it does not increase the capacity of the connector which is still X1.
    You are stuck with a single GPU config just get a GTX670.
  2. Okay then, i appreciate your help
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