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I need help with a problem I encountered. I have always wanted to play a game on multiple monitors. I have an Ati mobility radeon 5730. I know it supports Eyefinity technology but the problem is that it only has one hdmi output. I thought about getting a splitter but that would only clone the monitors. I also dont want to sacrifice quality. I want 3 monitors (2 monitors surrounding my laptop) can anyone help me?
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  1. Also, I am not looking to spend lots of money but just for fun. I found a device that makes more ports but costs about $300.
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  3. Well, in your situation, the GPU does, but the hardware doesnt.
    Unless you are able to solder a DP port on there, your best bet is those $200 splitters boxes.
  4. I had written the web site name of the place that sold the converter box, but I lost it. Can anyone tell me were to get a device the gets 1 hdmi to multiple. I actually saw an add for it on the side of this web site but it wont pop up again.
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