How much is my system worth to sell

im wanting to sell my current system and go for a LAG 1155 system and 3 graphics much is my system worth to list on e-bay....

i7 100% stable and runs cool
evga E770 classi motherboard
6G corsiar 2000mhz 8-9-8 1T ram 3x2G sticks
msi gtx 580 twin frozor III card clocked @ 1000mhz core 2250mhz ram clock. 100% stable runs cool
Silverstone 1500w strider power supply
ocz 120G ocz revo drive
100g g skill ssd
60g ocz agility 3 ssd
500G seagate hybrid ssd\hdd
evga ecp pannel
120.3 radiator
140.1 radiator
xspc dual bay resivour
swiftech mcp655 pump pump top
corsiar 800D case with window
windows 7 included
lots of games included
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  1. That is a very impressive system. May I ask why do you want to sell it?
  2. the snappy fingers...thanku...i would proberly look at selling it via e bay
  3. Quote:
    show off imo.

    That is what I was thinking, because the system is not going to get much better.
  4. and im not trying to show off guys just looking for advice
  5. i dont troll post or fake post, i did have 3 gtx 580's but since sold 2 as i didnt need em.....was overkill..... i am selling it to raise funds towards building a new engine for my car
  6. Around 2500-3000$ , anyway it is not wise to switch to 1155 if you truly have the current system. your current rig is really nice and doesn't need an upgrade, at least not yet.
  7. This thread has ventured off topic, so i will close this one and you can stick with the new one you opened up.

    Also, to the rest of you, it doesnt matter why he wants to sell it just answer the question at hand and dont accuse someone of being a troll, if you are going to be hostile to newcomers just dont respond to their posts.
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