Hey guys,

I was wondering what do yall think of this motherboard

I've been meaning to upgrade my machine and this board caught my eye for it wasn't expensive and it had some good specs and I was wondering who has own this board and what they think of it. Also, if anyone know of any good AMD boards that are FX cpu capable then let me know.

Also, the main use for this machine is for gaming.

- Justin
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  1. What CPU are you planning to use?
  2. the 990FX chipset is the best for AMD
  3. I am probably going to be getting the AMD FX-4100 as my cpu
  4. Don't!, get a Phenom II 980. the only FX chip worth getting is a 8150 and maybe a 8120.... if you want quad core, get a Phenom II
  5. Ok, what do you think about the motherboard?

    just curious is more than 4 cores really needed? For a friend of mine has the Phenom II quad and plays everything great, so what would the point of getting something with more cores?
  6. well future proof or handle more applications at one time... as for the motherboard if you already have it great!... If you haven't gotten it yet. get either the Sabertooth 990FX or the ROG 990FX
  7. Thanks!
    I should have my new rig up in 2 to 3 weeks after I get all of the parts ordered
  8. Cool. Well anymore questions? if no. Please select the best answer. If you have any more questions please send me a PM or make a new thread... Thanks!
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