New computer not booting, need help.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. But I have no idea whats wrong here.

I bought a custom built PC online and it was delivered to me Thursday. It also came with a 22'' Benq monitor. ( HDMI Widescreen )

I set it all up, and powered it on. The fan started up, lights came on and the CD Drive all worked fine, but there was no beeps or any indication that that it was booting. It also shuts itself off after a few minutes :/

Also, on the monitor I am getting ' no signal detected ' I have made sure all wires are connected properly, I have tried connecting to the video card directly etc. and still nothing. I tired HDMI,DVI and D-Sub.... but the problem still persists. I tried a different monitor and no results.

I don't have much knowledge when it comes to computers and would be very wary of opening it up and removing components. Im at my wits end here.

I contacted the supplier and they told me, the system was tested before shipping and everything was ok.

Specs : Motherboard - AsusP8H67-M Pro M-ATX
Video Card - ATI Radeon 1GB HD6870
Power supply - Antec gamer 620 watt power
RAM - 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz
Processor - Intel i7 2600 3.4Ghz 4 cores
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  1. Call the builder/shipper back again and inform them that it may have been okay when they tested it but it is not now and you expect replacement or their help in figuring out the problem. Afterall, you did pay for and should expect to recieve an operational computer and not an oversized paperweight. If the system was sold to you with windows OS, the seller is responsible for support (through Microsofts' contract - at least in the US).
  2. Since you mention you're apprehensive of opening the case I would definitely contact your seller and get them to help you at least troubleshoot the problem. Did they offer a warranty?
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