What is the difference between windows xp and windows xp media center?

I have a project on IT this week and I'm having trouble getting the information. I want to know the differences between the WIndows XP and Windows XP Media Center Edition.

And if you could give me names of similar softwares that you can use on XP AND XP MCE would really help a lot. Thank you =)
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  1. Media center is a version designed for HTPC use and therefor has built in support for tuner cards. Its designed around viewing/using on a tv with a remote though keybd and mouse will work also. On windows vista and 7 media center is included so you could psooible get a feel for it by using it on someones pc that has it. With XP it was a stand-alone product and i dont beleive you can get to the desktop to load other software but I'm not positive.
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