Asus Rampage II Extreme

Hello! I have the specific MOBO ( as the title said ) and the temperature is 55° C

My Tower is a simple tower... 1 fan only.. i will buy a new PC and the temperature will go to 35-40° C i know... one of my friends have same pc same specs, but with COOLERMASTER COSMOS S tower with 20° C less than me..

Now for me... 55° is fine ?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    My chipset on my LGA 1366 is running @ 35C and 39C on my LGA 2011.

    That said, it depends on a few factors:
    * Dust inside the case
    * Airflow inside the case
    * OC of the BCLK or CPU - BIOS changes manually or via some App

    You can try blowing and vacuuming everything inside your case and next pull the side panel off and compare temperatures.

    55C isn't close to causing any instability but it would be a good idea to clean and check airflow. Ideally, IMO on LGA 1366/2011 it's good to have top-out fan(s) in addition to front-in & rear-out.

    /edit - I recommend getting AIDA64 Extreme it's by far the most accurate suite -


    Affordable case options:
    $80 COOLER MASTER RC-692A-KKN5 -
    $125 Corsair Carbide Series 500R:
    Black -
    White -
  2. What is 55C ....MoBo sensor, NB sensor, SB sensor ?

    Have the same MoBo on a build upstairs ..... right after building, it had NB temp which was rather high ..... settled in after a few days to low 30's. Assumption was uneven TIM application on MoBo assembly ..... I was going to disassemble, remove heat sinks and re-apply but temps settled out after a few thermal cycles.....
  3. 55° Motherboard Sensor
  4. i did already what u write, jaquith my friend, about vacuuming inside the tower, its all clean... temps is about 50 now, but i turn air condition ON :P

    It's hot in here now in Greece...
  5. In my instance I am pretty tedious about cleaning so 3C~5C is pretty common for an average cleaning 6MO's+, and my house the temps range from 24C to 26C which is another factor.

    If temporarily removing the side panel reduces the temps by another 5C or more then you need to rethink your fans positions and/or number including the speeds. Alternatively, a different case as I mentioned with top-out fans out.

    Fortunately, 50C nor 55C is going to cause instability.
  6. my case is very simple, 1 fan inside... i know that the case is the PROBLEM... i would buy a new one when i can
  7. Yep, I'm surprised the temps are 'that' good -- well you know what to do if it bothers you.

    You could cut some holes in the case IF you're handy, add some fans and fan covers...
  8. OK I will try something :) thank you!
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