New gaming machine not performing well

I've just got a new PC, specs:

Intel i5, 2500K 3.3Ghz
Asus P8P67
Asus GTX570
8GB DDR3 ram
Seagate Barracuda 1T x2
Win7 Pro, 64Bit

The system is for games mainly, but I'm not quite satisfied with it. I have already installed 2 games ( Arma2, Prototype) and they are both stuttering, not smooth. It feels like a bottleneck somewhere. I've tried lowering the settings but there's only a small improvement. I was more than sure that with my new cpu+vga I could play any game at high settings without a glitch.

There must be a problem somewhere.

My GTX570 is at:

742Mhz - Memory 3800Mhz - Vcore 0.976v - processor 1484 Mhz

This is a gaming system, if games don't run well then what?

Does anyone have any idea, I am quite disappointed about this. :(
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  1. What resolution are you gaming at? Settings (Detail, AA, DX11)? Did you run something like Fraps to give you a real-time FPS rate?

    Obviously the 570 shouldn't be stuttering (it's one of the most powerful GPUs out there) - check that everything is seated properly (take out the GPU and put it back in for good measure), that the drivers are updated fully, and that all of the power cables are secure.

    For the drivers, run DriverSweeper in Safe Mode, and then reinstall the drivers from NVidia's stie.
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