Which mobotherboard to buy

so i cant decide between intel or amd
the reason is cause intel has pci express 3.0 which will future proff the system besides that everything else is the same \

since i have a ATI 69502gb i was thinking of getting a 7750 or 7770 pci express 3.0 gpu to add on the intel

so is pci express 3.0 worth it?
and which cpu would u recommend?
i mostly do things such as video editing, Photoshop, coral painter, and use to play games but now in high school i don't play games as much.

and my other question was that in the intel mobo there are things like lucid virual so what do it do and can i run a nvidia and ati together like the hydra chip or is it only to combine processor gpu and discrete gpu (same brand)

and whats the difference between this
and this
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  1. The differences are explained in the link you provided - http://www.lucidlogix.com/product-virtu-mvp.html to simplify the biggest differences are MVP offloads some of the rendering to the iGPU of the CPU to help accelerate an discrete GPU render (i.e. co-rendering).

    PCIe 3.0 is only worth it if you're adding 3 and I've only seen 4 (confirmed) discrete GPU's. You must have everything PCIe 3.0 'clean': CPU, GPU and MOBO otherwise if any is PCIe 2.0 you get PCIe 2.0 (weakest link). Hydra is gone and over, nVidia blocks it.

    * Gaming - Intel and GTX 600 series.

    * Video editing then LGA 2011/SB-E, GTX 580 or Quadro (until Adobe Premiere adds GTX 600 series support) and forget Lucid. See - http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/tech-specs.html

    Personally, I don't like Quick Sync for encoding much more than videos for my iPhone/iPad/etc.

    The real question is -- Price Range.
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