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I've been putting together a PC today, and whilst I have most components ready to go I have yet to purchase any ram (I was planning on using my current ram as a test, but it turns out to be ddr2):

The thing is I have installed a artic freezer pro 7 instead of the standard i53750k cooler and this now overhangs the ram a bit. I was looking at vengeance ram with heatspreaders but I don't think this will fit now, certainly not in slot 4 and it may be very tight in 3 if at all possible.
I wonder if anyone has experience with a similar build and if they got the ram to fit? Did you just buy ram without heatspreaders instead?
I'm sure they don't actually do that much, but it seems harder to find good ram without them for a good price. I'm also not sure if smaller spreaders might fit such as g-skill ripjaws? Any experience would be great!
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  1. Ignore heat spreaders, they are worthless anyway. Just focus on getting RAM that will fit under the cooler.

    I am not a big fan of Corsair products, but 2x of this might work for you

  2. It's actually harder to buy good RAM with heat spreaders than without, and I suspect they're much more for marketing purposes and hiding the poor quality of the components than for cooling. Try Samsung memory, which is always good but rarely has heat spreaders.
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