2011 Best value GAMING LED LCD 23-24"??

I Just recently purchased a asus radeon hd 6950 graphics card. My monitor is this old 4:3 viewsonic va902b 19" that goes up to 1280x1024 resolution.

So. Of course I want to get a monitor that will really show off the graphics card, BUT I have around 200 to spend, if its REALLY worth it, maybe upwards of 250 or so. I dunno yet.

Now, with ordering online, I don't want to worry about getting a monitor that MAY be good, only to not like it and to send it back for another. SO. Here's a few KEY points I'm really looking at.

I want 23-24" maybe 22 (if you get a much better picture on a 22" panel for the price, I may drop down, but the bigger the better)

I'm only worried about 1080p right now. When 1200p becomes the standard and up, then there will be a wider range of higher display monitors, and since higher resolution means much more $$, 1920x1080 is all the monitor needs to do.

I DO NOT want a monitor with built in speakers. I've got a nice sound system.
I DO NOT want to see any ghosting, picture bleeding, or any buzzing coming from the monitor.

I DO want a DVI hookup on the monitor.

I've been going between Acer, HP, Dell, and ASUS monitors....but who would be the best quality for the money? Who makes the better screen?

I've really been looking at this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009255 but there are SO many MIXED reviews about it.

If someone could offer like 2-3 suggested monitors to buy and WHY, I would really appreciate it.
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  1. I also really like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009245

    Again, an Acer, with 2ms response time, 1080, 24" and no speakers. Just have never had an acer before.
  2. SO
    I decided I would go into my local frys electronics and look at some monitors in person, to determine how well all the screens looked.

    I ended up getting the ASUS VE247 23.6" monitor.
    It's AMAZING on games, movies, and just everything.
    SUPER vibrant, 1080p, dvi cable included, and this is just AWESOME.

    SO. Since it seemed that nobody knows how to choose a monitor, I can say that THIS is the one to get, and I'm very critical of what i put my name behind.
  3. Thanks for the information! I'm in a similar boat. I'm moving from a 6 yr old IBM/Viewsonic combo to a newly built gaming rig that should be here in about a week! Can't wait!! Now it's monitor time. Your thoughts were on track with mine. I didn't want to buy something online without being able to see it first. I hit Best Buy yesterday and liked a couple Dell and Samsung units. I'll be hitting fry's this weekend and seeing if I can find some Asus models to check out. This info was very helpful!!
  4. A couple of other thoughts NOW that I've had this...

    I was intent on buying a monitor with NO built in speakers, because I figured it may take up extra space, AND I've got an awesome sound system to plug in to.

    Well, My gaming rig is a micro ATX style, and the case has a nice big handle on top, so for LAN parties, well, it's quite portable. When I brought it over to my most recent LAN party, having the built in speakers really made it all work out!

    Sure, they're small, and quiet, but if you turn everything all the way up, you get a good amount of sound for your games. I found an actual situation where I was like OH Thats why built in speakers are so good for the monitor.


    This ASUS panel has VERY deep dark blacks, very good color across the screen. I use photoshop and color matters, and it all looks great on this panel.

    Also, the monitor has "standard" "scenery" "theater" "game" "night view" Color modes, which is AWESOME for switching between movies, games, etc. REALLY helps out.

    I totally acknowledge the value of going to look for yourself, and I'd just like to say as one very picky gamer/IT nerd, This monitor does it all and does it well.
  5. I think this monitor by ASUS is probably the best deal around at the moment;
    It is an IPS which usually cost much more. IPS panels have much better viewing angles, image quality and color depth compared to TN panels.
  6. OP I have that same asus monitor and imo it is absolute crap, the ghosting on light backgrounds is terrible, how can you find this acceptable? go to any webpage, drag a window of text and around and tell me what you think
  7. I don't see any ghosting when I do that. Again, it's hooked up via dvi-d to my radeon 6950. I believe that all matters as much as the monitor. Except for that faint glow around the very border of the screen on a black window, everything is really vibrant. When I watch 1080p movies on here, the colors are even, top to bottom, side to side, and I really don't have any issue with the monitor lagging when, say, a panoramic scene is presented in HD.
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