I think my motherboard is broken

i installed it without mounting it because i didnt know what i was doing, do you think that may have borken it? it was bending in all these different angles and im wondering if they are fragile enough to just break because of that?
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  1. Depending on how much you were bending it. Mounting stands are used so that it doesn't short circuit against the back of the case, did you try to turn it on at all? I think a short circuit would be most likely to cause damage.
  2. As long as you didn't turn it on without the stand offs installed, you'll probably be okay. If you did, there's a very high chance you short-circuited the board. I did the same thing on my first build, many moons ago.

    And as pissed as I was that I short-circuited my board, I never forgot to install them again. It was a lesson I learned the hard way.
  3. Or if your case is painted or otherwise has some sort of nonconductive finish on the inside, then you should be fine as long as the PCB is not physically cracked or in two pieces. Now you know what standoffs are for, go use them.
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