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I'm new to building computers. This would be my first but I have a budget of around $1200. I've been doing some research on components and seem to like the I7 2600 or I5 2500 most buy really I just want a computer that can run wow amazingly. I would appreciate any kind of set up help.
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  1. Hmm, i'm very much an intel fanboy myself, but for 1200 dollars i don't think an i7 at all is going to match your budget, unless you get a less powerful GPU and small amounts of RAM, etc. If i were you i would go with the AMD Phenom 2 X4 955. It's also a decent CPU, i've worked with it myself and its powerful, for less than half of the price of the i7. However, if you're really going towards intel here, i would suggest the i5 2500k. Did you say you were only going to be playing WoW? Because that wont take all too powerful of a GPU itself. To be honest, an i3 could run Wow amazingly, though it doesn't set a big role in the gameplay itself. Anything else?
  2. Yeah ill probably go with the I5 bc I may do some video stuff and a lot of multi tasking while playing. Yeah I pretty much am looking for everything else that goes along with it. What kind of video card goes well with it?
  3. Any of the processors that are mentioned here will run all that with no problem, what you may need while running all of this is more RAM. What is your graphics card budget? I will go from there.
  4. 2500k is where its at

    WoW also favors nvidia video cards
    Not yet knowing your resolution, i reccomend a GTX 560ti because it performs well in this game all around.
  5. Considering you have 150-250 dollars to spend on the 560ti. and yes, i would suggest an Nvidia absolutely. But if thats all you're running, you could get by with a 550, or even a 400 series.
  6. Why the Nvidia for WoW? Reports show that the Radeon HD 6950 clocks high FPS. At least on face value, for only one card, that's the one I'd recommend. Also, if you look up the Tom's Hardware article on the best GPU for the money, I think this is the one they recommend in this price range.
  7. But seriously, why would you even need a GPU THAT powerful for wow at all? Thats a little too much power. and the Geforce's always worked better in my opinion.
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