Intel Core i3 and Intel Core 2 Duo - What's the Difference?

I was looking at some stuff at our local computer shop, when I saw the Intel Core i3. I compared the price to the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.80-2.93. They almost have the same prices. Which one is the better processor? and if the "i" series is the latest out there by Intel, then why does it have a low price comparable to the Core 2 Duo?(Which was released a few years ago if I'm not mistaken)

Is the Core i3 good at gaming? or is it Core 2 Duo?
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  1. Core i3 is much better than Core 2 Duo and is also the newer version. Core i3 has a higher clock for clock performance and has higher clock rate than most Core 2 Duo's anyway.
    Also the newer generation of core i3's run on the 1155 socket which will be in the running for a while as compared to core 2 duo 775 socket which is outdated
  2. I3 is the better processor and could be as much as 50% faster depending on which specific processors we are talking about.
  3. yeah i3 1155 will provide you upgradibility,power and ease on pocket at the moment.
    it beats some of the amd quad cores in terms of can also upgrade to upcoming ivys
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    The reason Core 2 Duo's are higher in price is because of availability and demand. There is a low availability and still a high demand for socket 775 cpu's. Quad cores are even more so for example the Q9550
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