Building a new system, what is best quality/performance/price

Hi, I'm new here, but I've been scrolling the threads of this forum for quite some time. Anyways, I thought it would be nice to ask you (the community) your thoughts on the PC i'm building right now.

CPU:Max budget: 230 CAD
i5 2500K (I intend to overclock.)

MOBO: Max budget: 210 CAD
Z68 Extreme4

Memory: Max budget: 100 CAD
8 GB (I don't know what brand and kind I should go though.)

GPU: No budget for the moment
(For that part, I was thinking of using the iGPU for a time and get a card later. If you guys have suggestions for a budget card though, I'll be happy to hear.)

Case: Max budget: 70 CAD
I don't know at all what to chose as a case. What I know is that I want USB ports, eSATA and sound output and input in front panel. I also want case to be well ventilated for the amount I'm ready to pay. So far I found these two cases to fill my needs. Do you have any comments on those?

Rosewill Destroyer


Power Supply: Max budget: 100 CAD
700W 80+ Bronze (I read that Corsair should be the brand to pick. Is that right? Any Power Supply that you would suggest me?)

Bru-ray Reader + DVD Burner: Max budget: 90 CAD
Again, what brand should I pick? LG are the less expansive ones, but I hear their quality is not that good.

Hard Drive: Max budget: 150 CAD
Going for a 40GB or 60GB SSD, but, again, I'm lost and don't know what brand I should opt for.

My use of the computer?
Accounting programs
Games (Later, in like 6 months, when I'll have the money, I intend to mount an SLI or CrossFire.)
I'll be watching a lot of movies with that computer.
I also want to encode and decode videos.

Do you think that I should change some components to get a more balanced build?

Thank you!
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  1. Six months before picking up a GPU, eh? That's quite a long time, you'll be suffering with the integrated graphics until then, especially with video encoding and decoding.

    This RAM should help you create your system:


    Both your case links are invalid. The NCIX link actually works, but no product is found.

    Power Supplies, like any other part, vary in quality. For people with very strict needs (gaming, rendering, etc), I recommend the following criteria:

    1. At least 80+ Bronze Certified
    2. At least two +12V rails, each with at least 18A load capacity, unless the single +12V rail can handle at least 50A.
    3. At least one 6+2 PCI-E supplemental power cable (for powering GPUs). Note that if you really intend on doing an SLI or Crossfire, look for a PSU with two supp. power cables
    4. From one of the following brands:
    a. Antec
    b. OCZ
    c. Cooler Master
    d. Corsair
    e. Thermaltake

    This PSU will fit into your budget after rebate:
    With this PSU, or one of similar quality, you'll have no trouble powering up and using a SLI/Crossfire configuration.

    This LG Blu-Ray Burner is the only I could find the meets your budget requirement:
    I'm not a big fan of the LG drives though, I do have an LG DVD burner. I had trouble getting Windows to recognize it and it randomly does not detect discs.

    Here is an SSD option that fits into your budget:
    As far as brand go, I prefer OCZ, since they've discontinued their RAM manufacturing to focus on SSD. This shows me their level of committment to the field.
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