Which motherboard to take? hard choise

guys,the thing is that I have one IT friend,who is more close to new technologies,components and other similiar stuff. I asked him I need PC only for gaming,so he tells me to buy 3570K + Asus Z77 V-LE,just because 3570K has 4000 integrated video which highly helps discrete GPU and gives nice upgrade for games nad motherboard has Virtu MPV and because of that. Simply I don't understand why I can't go with 2500K and for example this mobo : http://us.msi.com/product/mb/Z77A-G43.html

Can someone tell me is which combo is better to take ? (I'll save about 50$ for 2500K + msi mobo,but 50$ doesn't really matter,I just don't like to pay for stuff which I actually can't even use)

Hope you all understand for what kind of advice I'm asking for,thanks in advance :)
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  1. The 2500k's graphics, intel HD 3000, is inferior to the HD 4000 in the 3570k but the 2500k has the potential to OC better (less heat) so it becomes a toss-up. Do you intend to put a high-end GPU in or not, if yes, the added ability of the HD4000 (although nice) may not be required however, if using a less than high-end GPU, the HD4000 will be benificial (IMO) and would probably make it a little more "future-proof".
    As far as the mobo, I think either would work fine (just make sure it supports the extra features you want - if any)
    Your friend's advice seems pretty sound. I would probably go that way also.
  2. and to be honest,is there sense in taking 2500k or 3570k instead of 2400 if there will be no OC?
  3. There is some sense to it since the i5-2400 has integrated Intel HD 2000 graphics which is a big bump down from the others. Again, it will depend upon your GPU choice as to whether the 2400 will provide the performance you want.
    Looking over prices and whatnot, I think the 3570k would be the way to go (for the $30 difference over the 2400, the value is there IMO).
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