Fresh install on SSD driver problems.

I've spent the past 5 hours trying to get windows up an running on my new 128gb OCZ vertex 3 SSD and I'm having no luck with the display drivers at the moment. Straight after the windows install it booted up fine and went to the desktop. I downloaded all the windows updates and the latest drivers for my graphics card - ATI HD5850. After restarting the Windows logo comes up then my screens go blank and into powersaving mode like there's no input but I still hear the windows jingle sound as it loads up. I can only access windows through safe mode and in safe mode I can't open CCC it just comes up with errors like check you have the right drivers installed for you hardware. I even tried reinstalling windows again but just ended up in the same situation.

Everything works fine connected to my existing HDD so there's no hardware problems like PSU not being good enough or broken hardware. It's just this fresh install on the SSD. I don't know how it could be the SSD's fault but it seems like it is at the moment. I've never had problems like this doing fresh installs in the past.
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  1. OK, are u in AHCI mode?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I wasn't but I tried enabling it and it made no difference. I also thought perhaps it was switching to onboard video output but my motherboard doesn't have any onboard graphics so I ruled that out.
  3. OK, try to reset BIOS to the default settings.

    OSZ SATA3 has problem with the firmware.
  4. BTW, did u try to update the SSD too?
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