Three versions of i5?

Hi guys,

i was just wondering what the differences between these 3 versions are? and scroll down to "Ordering and Spec Information" to see what I mean.

I understand the 2500k is unlocked and the 2500 is not, also that the k version has better igp but what is the third version for? Can anyone give some quick insight?

Thank you!
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  1. If you are refering to the 3 listings for the I5-2500, No differnce between 1 and 3 except pricing. Nr one is for large orders, ie to oems and the price per unit is lower. Item 2 Unk, but may have some internal diff that intel does not allow export to china. If USA and not an oem supplier you get Item 3.
  2. 1 is a OEM (tray) processor, the others are boxed retail processors (BX)
  3. Thank you for the quick explanation. I'm planning to buy one next week for my new gaming rig and I found this and this and wasn't sure what the difference between the two was.

    I was initially going to get this which was more expensive and had a normal warranty. The ones I posted earlier both have extended 18y warranties and are cheaper so I was merely trying to understand why that was and if perhaps there was a different (hidden) reason to that.
  4. THose are the same.
  5. I5-2500T is a lower powered 45W vs 95W version of the 2500(K), its not as quick as the 2500 or 2500K thought,
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