1024MB AMD RadeonTM HD6870M thoughts

this good enough of a gpu for most games how does it compare to the 5870m i want to play guild wars max settings and play bc2 games like this.
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  1. Which laptop is this for?
  2. alienware m17x from what i see everyone tells me to go with this over the 460m because it oc's higher and i dont want to get flamed because i am getting a alienware:) its only 1500$ and they finace.
  3. Alienware IS overpriced IMO, but if you adamant about getting it, i'm not going to stop you, you would be a lot better off getting a desktop computer for gaming, it's cheaper, and better.

    EDIT: The HD 6870 is a solid card, and will run most games fine, if it's 1GB, but Im not sure, It IS 1gb IIRC, to answer your question
  4. Look at my sig buddie i think i have that allready. this is for school/guild wars with the current specs 1500$ really isnt that overpriced.
  5. Whoops, my bad, you can get it if you want, Im not gonna suggest other things completely off-topic to your question, so yes, that GPU should do.
  6. The reviews are kinda missleading they say the 6870 is faster then the gtx 460m but the 460m cost more. I could care less about tessalzation. so what should i get to be safe?
  7. The HD 6870 will be faster, and what do you mean "Tessellation", tessellation is based on DX11 not Nvidia or AMD IIRC, are you thinking of Physx?

    If not, it's probably just my lack of IT education, could you explain?
  8. off some other site

    This is irrelevant, as you can't compare shader and memory clocks on two very different architectures. The 460m will be slightly slower in anything in the playable framerate range. It will win in heavy tessellation games, but we're talking 16fps vs 12fps there.

    As for overclocking, the 6870m (5870m) is much more capable. Some users (including myself) were able to get an extra 35% out of the core at stock voltage. I was even able to overclock 20%(835MHz) on the core after undervolting the chip 7%.

    I would get the 6870.
  9. 6870 is a go, its a lot better in my oppinion
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