Good psu/mobo deal?

hi, i was looking at combos for the mobo I was interested in for my i5 2500k setup when i came upon this deal.

for the price it seems good , but im not sure if it would preferable to a cheaper psu.
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  1. Bad link thank's ,.. Get good psu from good brand corasir/antec/xfx. And Psu depend your budget also power consumption system + VGA
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    If my maths is correct then you are getting that 80Plus Gold Modular PSU for the equivalent of ~$90 when bought in that combo.
    I can't see any other PSUs for ~$90 that even compares to the Antec HCP-750. So as long as a 750W unit is suitable for your build then I'd get it.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, that combo would be right in line for my system, so I am incredibly relieved to know that its a geat value compared to other solutions.
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