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DDR3 graphic card performance in DDR2 motherboard

I'd like to know if a DDR2 motherboard could fully utilize the DDR3 interface in the graphic card. In short, would a DDR3 GC in DDR2 motherboard performs similarly as compared to a DDR3 GC in DDR3 motherboard?
Please understand that I'm not asking about the compatibility ie. "would DDR3 GC work on DDR2 mobo?" or any that kind of question.
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    The two are completely independent from eachother, so as long as its compatible, a DDR3 GPU will perform the same no matter which chipset the PCIe X16 slots is based on.
  2. Nice one thank you very much. That's the kind of answer I'm looking for
  3. there's no DDR5 supporting motherboard and still many cards with DDR5 run on them without being limited, even if you had DDR5 card it'd run on your motherboard
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