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Which case is better for using the Corsair H100 Push-Pull???

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September 25, 2011 6:56:27 PM

What's up everybody! I not sure which one to pick for holding my Corsair H100 because these cases are hard to pick. Can you guys help me with which case to pick? (I will be using crossfire or sli in this build.)

((($135 with rebate)))


Corsair Special Edition 600T
((($160 with rebate)))

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September 25, 2011 11:39:38 PM

I am not really sure dirtyferret, I was looking in the feedback of the Corsair 500r and one of the customers who bought it said this, "Unable to fit push pull radiators in top area, but I'm not worried, but this may affect a decision, but that's what a 800D is for."

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a c 77 ) Power supply
September 26, 2011 12:37:04 AM

in push pull configuration you would need to place two fans outside the case. do you run the H100 in push pull or just with the two stock fans? the 500r will fit the H100 in stock set up otherwise look at larger full tower case like the corsair 700, 800, antec 1200
September 26, 2011 12:44:56 AM

Hmm. Have you considered NOT doing push-pull? THE H100 has a very thin rad, the difference in cooling between two and four fans will be very small. The difference in noise levels will be large. I'd just go with two fans with good static pressure (Gentle Typhoons maybe?) and save myself some space and noise.
a c 77 ) Power supply
September 26, 2011 3:04:30 AM

i bought one of those fans, they don't move 90cfm and they don't run anywhere near 18DB
September 26, 2011 3:58:42 AM

dirtyferret said:
i bought one of those fans, they don't move 90cfm and they don't run anywhere near 18DB

: :??:  THEN DAMN! Should I just go with the Cougar Vortex PWM fans or Gentle Typhoon or Noctua NF-P12 fans?

Are these even the right specks for the Noctua?
The Noctua look pretty nice :D 

And also can this be for real on the specks of this Cooler Master fan as well?

Best solution

a c 77 ) Power supply
September 26, 2011 2:07:57 PM

here is the deal with fans

1. like power supplies (and most PC parts); the brand you see on the box (antec, cooler master, etc.,) is rarely who actually makes the fan (globe fan, yate loon, adda, etc.,). so you can purchase a fan from two different brands but in reality end up with the same exact fan even if they have different specs.

2. in order to move more air you need a bigger fan or a faster one. so when you have the option, go for the larger fan since they run at lower RPM then smaller fans to move the same amount of air. faster fans make more noise period (assuming the fan is not damaged). all these people who state they have 120mm case fans running at 1600rpm - 2000rpm and are silent are full of it. I have found that CPU fans do tend to make less noise but cost a little more and need to be controlled (mobo or fan controller) otherwise they run at top RPM and still make noise.

3. there is a diminishing return on fans. two fans on the HSF don't always decrease temps beyond just 1-2c (so check out reviews). often one intake and one exhaust case fan is adequate airflow for most single video card systems in a mid-tower case. sticking a fan in every port possible (particularly side panels) often will increases temps since you screw up proper air flow. its best to set up up your case so air comes in one end and out the other (front intake / rear & top exhaust).

4. just about every company lies about how much CFM they move and the DB their fans run at. the only company that I have seen come close to accurate specs is scythe.

if you want a silent PC look for fans around 120mm 1000RPM (larger fans at slower RPM) , if you want to move more air look for fans that spin faster.

the fans I personally recommend
scythe fans - great fans and pretty accurate specs compared to the competition.
noctua fans (like the one linked above but take specs with a grain of salt)
Gelid - (take specs with a grain of salt)
artic cooling - (take specs with a grain of salt)
enermax - TB vegas ; TB silent (LED version run faster, higher CFM and will make noise) ; TB Apollish
antec fans - not the best but the set fans don't make much noise and the dual/tri speed allow you to change RPM/CFM.

few web sites actually test fans but one of the better sites out there is @REVIEW. they have a database of tested fans with linked youtube testing
a b ) Power supply
September 26, 2011 2:24:17 PM

I have these on my H80 in Push Pull truly excellent fan.

Akasa Apache Black Ultra Silent AK-FN058 Fan HDB bearing PWM fan 120mm

This is by-far our best selling 120mm fan not just for cases but with some of our CPU Coolers too.

S-FLOW fan blade design delivers 30% higher airflow. IP54 moisture and dust protection.

Super silent 12cm fan with S-FLOW blades supplying 30% more airflow than a standard fan at the same speed. The greater performance combined with PWM automatic speed control allows the fan noise to be kept to a minimum.

The Apache fan creates more focused airflow providing blind-spot cooling, which makes it an ideal solution for a case or heatsink fan. HDB (Hydro Dynamic) bearings extend fan life and further enhance noise reduction. IP54 military standard ensures the fan is dust and moisture resistant. It’s powerful, quiet and tough!

Manufacturer: Akasa Material: Plastic
Fan Diameter: 120mm Adjustable Speed Controller:
Fan Depth: 25 mm Fan Colour: Black
Fan Speed: 1300 rpm LED:
Airflow: 57.53 CFM LED Colour:
Sound Level: 16.05 dB MTBF: 50000 Hours
September 26, 2011 6:53:37 PM

I have been looking into the fans lately and I came across this review of numerous amount of fans being used on a 200mm radiator fan. It looks really nice but it dates back to 2009. Is their a more recent comparison of 2011 fans?

It seems like the Gently Typhoon is the best for noise and CFM ratio. :D 
October 3, 2011 2:54:09 AM

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November 6, 2011 4:51:41 PM

i got a coolermaster haf x leaving my 2 200m fans in gonna have a push pull installed up top with 4 coolermaster sickleflow red led and black sceme....