So i got the asus M5A99X EVO need help with speed

So I got the asus M5A99X EVO and need help with setting up my drives i have 2 older dvd sata drives and a sata 2 HDD and a sata 3 SSD intel. Please look at asus website for info on the ports. At the moment i have both optical drives in the only sata 2 ports and the Hard Drive Disks in 2 of the 6 Sata 3 ports. Is the computer slow because i am using the sata 2 HDD in the sata 3 ports with the SSD?
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  1. No the SATA connectors are not your problem if the computer is slow.
  2. ok well, it does have a slow boot as if it isn't using the ssd to its full potential but i know its ok because i ran a benchmark on it. is there problems with the motherboard overall that makes it start slower than others or should i have thought a bit more about intel motherboards.
  3. Do you have the SATA controllers set to ACHI mode?
  4. yes they are both set to ahci but again the desktop boots slow my lowest windows experience rating is the cpu at 7.4 ? games run ok but the 560 nvidia feels a bit like it cant max on some games any more. slow motherboard boot?
  5. On my rig it takes about 30 sec power button and online.
  6. rolli59 said:
    On my rig it takes about 30 sec power button and online.

    do you mean with the same motherboard or with a ssd?
  7. With SSD and a MSI 970 board.
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