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I recently had my motherboards audio port broken by a family member when they tripped on a wire leading into it.
I purchased a sound card to work around this problem, I also happened to get a new HDD.
Since installing both components my computer has been freezing and then becoming unresponsive requiring a reset.

It has happened three time now so I am getting worried the three time it happened, this is what happened exactly.

1. Computer locks up while on internet, weird skipping sound. I try resetting, it doesn't boot after three attempts ( It turned on just didn't boot). I unplug and then it boots after a few seconds unplugged.

2. Went downstairs for 2 minutes, monitor was black when i came back. Unresponsive, Reset required.

3. Went downstairs for 3-4 minutes, came back and computer screen was on but it was unresponsive. Reset required.
upon restart a screen saying something about update of bios settings was needed. (press f1 to change bios setting or something) The time was wrong and I needed to
change it.

The first two times it happened was on the first day of use, a few hours apart. the last was on second day which was today after a few hours of perfect use.

my specs are:

m4n79xtd evo mobo
phenom x4 955 black edition
4gb ram
1tb seagate barracuda hdd
850 watt psu

any help is appreciated
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  1. Have you disabled the onboard sound coard in the bios?
    If the date and time were wrong in the bios its time to change the button battery on the motherboard.
    I would also reset the bios to default setting.(you will need to disable the onboard sound after you reset of course) Check for and install an updated bios. (Disable the onboard sound again.) Run a long memtest86 diagnostic test.
  2. Is it likely that my button battery has run out? The motherboards about a year old.
  3. well it happened again. computer just turned off and then came on again but no screen. when left unplugged for a few minutes it came on again. i don't think its the cpu temp because im running core temp and it's showing 38-45 when idle. and i was just on the internet so i doubt it's that. i also disable the onboard audio. any suggestions? also it seems to run for around 2 hours but then it happens.
  4. just happened three times there in quick succession! help please!

    this corresponds with my problem
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