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I just finished buying all my components for my new computer and When I tried to boot up, no display. I have a HP2009m monitor which has the VGA or DVI plug in. I don't have a DVI cable so I used the existing VGA cable and a HDMI/VGA adapter. Everything goes on good but no display. Not sure if it is a cable issue or what. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have the same problem with a Sapphire Vapor X 5770. Tried so many different things I got so desperate I tried checking the brightness. Still on onboard graphics, I'm going to try the card on a different PC sometime tomorrow or later on, you should try that too and see if it works. If it works on another PC, then it's not faulty or anything, and something is probably not working properly on your other parts. I've been asking around so much on different forums but people rarely reply. I guess no one knows lol.
  2. The issue is you're trying to use a digital connection straight into an analog one. HDMI is digital, and you can't pipe that directly into a VGA. If you can use a DMI or HDMI to DVI cable you should be fine.
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