LGA2011 SBe and Ivy Power consumption


I am very attracted by the SBe, yet I look at the ivy and new technology it has to offer and I can only wonder one thing.
Power consumption may be the dead end in my choice for a CPU or the other.

Let say I have:
a board with a Z79 chipset on
2X SBe CPU (with 15 megsL3)=130 watts X2
24 gigs of 1600 (or above). Then a second choice is 48 gigs of 1600 or above.
1PCIe 16 Quadro 4000.
What minimum PSU would I need for both cases please?

a board with Z79 or above chipset.
2X Ivy high end.
24 gigs 2000 or above. Then a second choice is 48 gigs of 2000 or above
1PCIe 16 quadro 4000. Then to be replaced with PCIe 3.0 Nivida 22nm architecture to replace Quadr0 4000.
What minimum PSU would I need for both cases please?

Thanks a lot for your recommendation, assumption and/or knowledge. Please precise if you assume or if you know, that would be helpful!

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  1. http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    Here's a psu calculator, it won't have the unreleased cpus of course but you could just supplement them with current cpus of the same tdp(power usage). 650w would be fine for the first. But SBE is quad channel so will probably want 8x4gb=32gb or 8x8gb=64gb ram. 8 sticks because it's dual cpu, each cpu gets its own ram.


    The IB that comes out 1H 2012 is the replacement for mainstream (mid range) and they never support multi socket. Also the stated tdp is the same as SB. You'll have to wait for the replacement of SBE for the next step up multisocket rig and nothing is known about them yet.
  2. Hi K1114,

    Thanks a bunch for your help K1114.

    Woww, short, concise and explicit. I could not ask for better!

  3. Well my old 700 tough power PSU should do the trick. Effectively I should run around 651 watts with two SBe and no particular OC/overvoltage
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