+12v 16A enough for hd5670?

Hi all,

I am recently dismayed to learn that my 400W PSU (16A on the +12V rail) isn't powerful enough for a GTS 250 or a Radeon HD 5770, so I have no choice but to pick either a 9800 GT or a Radeon HD 5670. However, due to the scarcity of info on the vendors' websites, I am not even sure of the power requirements of these two cards.

(1) Although I read on GigaByte's website that 400W is enough for 9800 GT, I don't know if 16A on +12V is enough.

(2) ATi's website says that 400W is enough for Radeon HD 5670, but again I don't know if 16A on +12V is enough.

please someone help me out...
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  1. You need roughly around 24amps on the 12/v rail to run a 5770The 9800GT usues jsut about the same amount of power as the 5770.I would think you have enough for the 5670 but I want to be sure.

    Please list your full system specs.(CPU,RAM,Mobo,etc.)

    When you looks at the sticker on your PSU what does it say exactly under the 12/v rail?
  2. i would expect a 400w psu to have at least 20-25a on the 12v rail. It sounds like a very cheap crappy psu. you should upgrade it. get an antec earthwatts 380w. it has 2x 17a 12v rails and will be able to support up to a 6850 or gtx460.
  3. probably that PSU will be fine with 5670, but not 9800GT, get something like Antec Earthwatts/ Corsair/ OCZ
  4. A 5670 needs 4 to 5 amps, so you should be OK with a 16 amp 12 volt rail. You will, however, have no reserve.
  5. hmmm i rounded off to hd 5670... is that a gud choice over gt9800??? and also give me some options for psu...
  6. The 5670 and 9800GT perform almost exactly the same.
    What's your budget for the PSU?
  7. i can afford around 6k indian rupees
  8. Something like this is what you should look for.Although I have a feeling it will be drasticly more expensive in your country.But if it is the same price then I would put the extra money towards a better GPU.$20 more and you can get a 5770.

  9. I've been using ASUS Radeon HD 5670 for a long time on a 450w Tech-com PSU which delivers a meagre 10 amps on the 12V rail. I've played games on full 1080p resolution with max possible settings and never had an issue. So I think you can go ahead with Radeon 5670 since it doesn't need external power source.

    Although I am a bit curious about how much is the difference in power and amps requirement between a Radeon 5670 and 5750?
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