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I wish to ask you about upgrading my PC as I was trying to find right solution myself but I think that some professional help would help me a lot.

At the moment this is my computer specification:

- Quad Core Q6600 2,40GHZ
- N7AD-SLI ASRock Nvidia Nforce 740i-SLI
- ATI Radeon 4850 Palit 512MB DDR3
- 3TB Hardrive
- Power Supply 750 WAT

I bought this PC in 2008 for around 450 pound. Just got bigger HDD for myself but otherwise I think it was a great deal then.

But time goes by and I was thinking of upgrading it.

First I Thought just to buy another 2GB of RAM and to get another Radeon 4850 and make it crossfire.
Now this gets complicated as the question is can I go crossfire on this mobo as lets say this is interesting one.
Some say yes, some no , if yes is it hard ? etc..

Would that give me better performance and good deal for good value?

Second thought would be to sell radeon 4850 and buy something better from Nvidia or Radeon but most likely Nvidia if I wouldn't be able to go crossfire on my mobo.
But I wouldn't like to sell my card which I have atm as it is a really good card.

Third the most expensive option to sell mobo, graphic card and then leave my current CPU as I think is still very good. Any opinion about my CPU at current times and games?

So this is my situation.
A few question above and extra ones.
On my mobo which I have atm what is the best graphic card I can use ?
Is my CPU still good ?
Is it worth to go DDR3 if new mobo ?

What kinda of money are we talking about here in all scenarios.

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. I am in the same boat as you. I already bought 8 gig DDR3-1600 ram kit. And just waiting to see what AMD FX-8150 will do when released. But I would get rid of the MoBo, Ram, CPU and Vid card. PSU is powerful enough. Not sure if it's a quality one since no make is given. If ya got a decent case keep that. If ya can't wait or don't care for AMD bullsozer. I would pick up a i5 2500K, 8 gig kit ddr3 ram since its really cheap now. And an ASUS Z68 pro board. Vid card is a toss up. Since you don't give a budget on upgrade or res you play games on. An ATI6850 or Nvidia 560 would fit the bill as well. Hope this helps you!!!!
  2. Hello sorry for such a late reply I was really busy.

    If we go back to this topic I was thinking actually I really like my CPU and was thinking that I could just change my Graphic card.

    What is the best graphic card which I can put in my mobo, can I put any or becasue it has almost 3 years I cant put the new one ?

    Thank you for your help,
  3. AMD 6950 or 6850 is my suggestion or Nvidia 560
  4. Thank you .

    So it looks I can put any graphic card I want.
    The question would be is better to go for radeon or Nvidia or does it matter ?
    It been long since I was following news about pc components.

    Thank you.
  5. Personal preference really. I used both products in the pass. I currently have a 5850. I have been quite happy with AMD.
  6. Thank you very much for your help.

    I have I hope the last question. IF I buy e.g The ARI Radeon 6850 would my CPU use it fully and is that good upgrade in your opinion ?

    Thank you
  7. I think your CPU would bottle neck it a bit. But I am sure you would see a nice improvement.
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