MSI Z77a-GD55 no post

Hi guys,
I just finished building my new system and when i press start.... i get no post, no beeps.
The phase LED lights stays only on LED1, i dont know what that means, i read the manual and it says something about no reliable power flow to processor.

i tried posting with just the cpu on (i5 3570k) and still i get nothing.

any suggestion on what i can do next?

Thanks in advance all help appreciated.
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  1. Make sure both power connectors to the mb are pluged in.. should be one in upper left or on left for cpu and one on right thats a bit bigger..
  2. yes the 8pin and the 24pin are plugged in... i got power all the fans starts but it doesnt post
  3. UPDATE!!!
    It ended up being a faulty Mobo so i had that replace and its up and running.

    Thanks for the help and advice
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