Need help finding good wireless router under $100

Hi guys I'm looking to find a good wireless router, I have one in mind but I would like some input and/or suggestions as I am new to routers. I have tried under the router forums nut no reply, so I'm trying here sry :)
Currently I am thinking about the Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Broadband Router 802.11b/g up to 54Mbps/ Compatible with Open Source DD-WRT from Newegg, it has over 3400 positive reviews and is priced at $69.99, what do you guys think or suggest? Thanks/
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  1. I've been using the Netgear wnr3500l for about a year without an issue. It supports DD-WRT as well as tomatoe and I loded tomatoe on it about 2 months ago without issue and its still running fine.

    edit - the wrt54gl is lso an awesome router and I used it for 3 years prior to the netgear above. Now my friend is using mine so its about 4 years old and still going strong
  2. hmmlooks pretty decent too. Mind explaining the visible differences? I have absolutely no experience with routers, and what\s this tomatoe
  3. Tomato and DD-WRT are like different operating systems for the router. DD-WRT will give you features of a more professional router but I find it more difficult to owrk with initially. Tomato has not quite the same features but has a more intuitive interface than dd-wrt plus there is a version which changes the hard drive only usb port on this router to one that can share a printer as well which is why I loaded it.
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