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Mixing Memory

ok heres the thing my motherboard has 4 slot ddr3 dual channel memory
i have single 4 gig of ram (local brand 1066 1.5 volt) on my fourth slot and i want to add another 2x4 gig (crucial CT51264BA1339) memory on my 1 and 3 slot
it has the same voltage, same clock speed but diffrence timing
is my config ok, will my computer has instability issue?

h67 ma usb3 b3
gtx 550 ti
i5 2400
please give me a good answer :D

sorry for my english
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  2. xtreme5 said:

    do i have to run a memtest or prime95 after installing the memory?
  3. yes, do only a memtest not prime95.
  4. yes, do only a memtest not prime95.
  5. xtreme5 said:
    yes, do only a memtest not prime95.

    can you give me a link to download memtest :D
  6. why not, ok here you go!
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