New build constant restarting, Frustrated to my breaking point :(

Really hoping someone here can help me as I'm completely lost. I'll just start with the pure basics as that's where I'm at now.

I pulled the mobo out of the case in an attempt to breadboard it. It's now sitting on my wooden table with only the cpu + HSF and PSU attatched. When I first press the power button it turns on for about 1 second before instantly shutting off, it then will continue to do this every 5 or so seconds until I turn off the PSU.




I also followed corsair's guide on checking your power supply using this method:

Can someone PLEASE help me or at least point me in the correct direction. At this point I don't know what to do other than start sending parts back in. I don't have any other parts to even test and see if it's the PSU or Mobo as my own rig is at school for the summer.
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  1. do you ave RAM and a speaker installed? a speaker could help if it beeps. also, try removing the unplugging the power supply cables and removing the cmos battery (a little quarter shaped batter) for 10minutes, than putting the cmos battery back in and plugging in the power supply and turning it on.

    also make sure your heatsink is put on correctly
  2. I don't have a speaker, I thought without ram installed it would turn on, give one long beep, then shut off. Unless it can keep beepig once it shuts off, then I don't think not having ram is giving any problems because the computer literally turns off after 1 second. I have also tried using both sticks of ram in different slots by themselves and it still always restarts instantly.

    My Ram:
  3. Although you have a very good PSU, it could be bad.

    If this restart problem happens without RAM installed, I would suspect - in order - the PSU, motherboard, or CPU.

    The paperclip trick in the video can tell you if the PSU is bad. However, it cannot tell you if it is good. All it can tell you is that it will turn on and produce a minimal amount of 12 volt power.
  4. Im pretty sure the MOBO is defective, save yourself hours of banging your head on your desk and just exchange it for a new one.

    Also you should ALWAYS have a mobo speaker handy as this will save you a ton of headaches trying to diagnose problems.
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