Compatibilty Check / Upgrading

Upgrading for BF3 need some help

Getting this

and this

Need to find a good and compatble motherboard to work with these,cheers :)

Also could someone suggest fast RAM and how much to i need? (Ive heard some PC's dont actually use all the RAM)
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  1. Thats a good CPU and Vid card. However that being said, i would hold off another 2-3 weeks as Bulldozer will be out and that CPU will drop in price a fair amount. and you also have the option of getting the new generation of AMD CPU.

    Do you have a budget?

    I have that exact CPU in a ASUS Crosshair Formula IV (about 12 months old now)
    so if you are dead set on that CPU i would reccomend an Asus Crosshair Formula V

    great features and overclocking and will support the bulldozer.

    Regardless of which AMD you choose (1090T or the new bulldozer) i would get the Crosshair V to go with it.
  2. Uh, to be honest, I would NOT get the above mobo. I would just wait for Bulldozer CPUs, and then buy a cheaper, decent board that doesn't give you tons of extra useless features but DOES have PCI-E 3. This way you'll still be able to upgrade to the newest GPUs two, three years from now.
    In any case, I would SERIOUSLY hold off on that CPU and wait for a Zambezi part. That X6 isn't bad, but intel outclasses it by far, and AMD themselves are about to release stuff that easily beats it. Don't build a new rig on half-obsolete gear.
    The GPU is a nice choice though, imo. Powerful stuff, that.
  3. I didn't know there was an AMD board out with PCI Express 3.0 avaliable atm.

    I dont think we need to turn this into a AMD vs Intel sledging match.

    but regardless waiting for Zambezi will be the best move regardless of you Intel or AMD choice.
  4. No, I don't think there are any AMD boards with PCI-E 3 out YET. Which is why my advice was to wait for Zambezi. And no, I wasn't trying to start an AMD-Intel flame war. In fact... My advice was to wait for Zambezi...
  5. So i should wait for Zambezi motherboard? When will it be out? What kinda price range we looking at?
  6. there are Zambezi supported motherboards out now Anything with the 990FX chipset is a good highend option. but still best to wait till launch and see what changes.
  7. Yeah, like Hugo says, they're out there already, just browse any e-tailer you like. Just take your time, remember the CPUs aren't out yet, so you can take a good look around.
  8. Im sorta confused,Zambezi is a amd processor? i thought it was the name of the Motherboard! sorry guys! im a nub :(
    Anyway how much will the Zambezi cpu cost when it comes out?
  9. Zambezi is the code name for high-end AMD desktop CPUs based on Bulldozer microarchitecture. When people say "Zambezi motherboard" they just generally mean motherboards compatible with these processors, that's all.
    The CPUs are expected to cost no more than 250 USD for the fastest ones, but of course we won't know for sure until they're out.
  10. Jay's nailed it.

    Bulldozer is AMD's code name for the technology
    Zambezi is the codename for the Desktop processor based on the bulldozer tech
    AM3+ is the socket that the processor will use.
  11. Ah i see,thanks for clearing that up.Could someone suggest a fast motherboard with AM3+
    My price range for the motherboard is about 150USD
  12. Generally speaking, everyone should hold off for a bit till the bulldozer, but some ppl might not have the luxury.

    Personally, what i want, is finally a decent laptop (something that you can play crysis 1 full details 1080p and have the battery last 20 hours), but on that ill probably have to wait some years.
  13. So i can get any motherboard with AM3+?
  14. Yeah any AM3+ will work, i would make sure you get something with the 990FX chipset as this is the high end gaming boards.
  15. cheers,hell everyone is upgrading for BF3!
  16. Is it true that most games wont even use 6 cores?
  17. At the moment I believe so yes. Obviously that'll change with time. Games only two years old barely use two cores, modern ones now use four.
  18. Ah,so getting a a 6 core wouldn't benefit me for gaming? would it use 4 cores and leave 2 alone?
  19. In gaming benchmark the six cores are about equal to four cores on contemporary games... euh, usually. Next gen games are a different story ofc :)
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