CPU dropping to 0% and stalling computer randomly

I went on vacation about 2 weeks, and I came back to my computer starting up slowly, the cpu will just flat line down to zero randomly, when I'm trying to start programs, or installing things. When I have tried to use skype video chat, the computer will crash after about 2 minutes. If anyone could help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

Also I thought I should mention that the CPU is idling in the high 40, mid 50 degrees Celsius range.

My Computer:
Motherboard: Gigabyte p55-ud4p
CPU: i5 750
Ram: 12gb of ripjaw 1600 7-8-7-24
Vid:Asus EAH 5850
HD: WD Caviar Black 750gb
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Thank you
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  1. you might have had a surge while you were away that blew out the cpu/motherboard
  2. I have the computer plugged into a surge protector so I'm not sure that could be the problem.
  3. i think you would be best off calling up intel on this matter, 916-377-7000 (US number).
  4. it could be the problem, surge protectors arent perfect, they only work to a certain level.
  5. It could be the hard drive. Check it for errors.
  6. I have checked the HD for errors and it found nothing. The CPU does seem to be getting really hot though I left the computer on over night, and now it has a record high of 79 degrees Celsius on one of the cores, with all the cores having a max in the high 70's. Could it be a thermal paste/heat sink issue?

    Also, It seems to be able to run games just fine, but my Mcafee is constantly freezing and crashing, as well as whenever I try to update my graphics card drivers the computer stalls. Google Chrome is also not working completely right, on some pages, they will only load partially.
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