New Computer Treated Uniquely by Router

I apologize if this problem has been addressed elsewhere but I am finding it very difficult to use search terms that are not correlated with the problem of connecting to a network but not the internet (I'm having the opposite problem- I can get online, but not on my network)

I purchased a new Windows 7 PC. The router (no matter how many times I reboot & reset ) continues to assign my PC the IP address of

I have a Verizon Actiontec router.

All the other devices (other computers, my ipod touch, xbox, etc etc etc) get assigned IP addresses in 192.168.1.x range. Friends have come over and used their ipads and iphones on my network, and all get the proper IP address.

Even on the homepage for the router, this computer does not show up under networked devices (Yet it connects to the internet with no issue!)

Did this computer arrive at my house with some sort of weird configuration that is causing it to be assigned an IP address outside of my home network range?

Solutions I have already tried:
1) Reset router
2) Reboot router
3) In router settings, assigned a static IP address for my new computer's MAC address
4) Tried to input a static IP address from within Windows 7
5) Tried the method in the sticky at the top of this forum

no matter what I do, my router continues to assign this computer This computer is hardwired to my router.
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  1. I feel a bit sheepish here. I've discovered the problem.

    I'm doing this work for my Dad's business computers in his home office. What I didn't know until 5 minutes ago was that he is using a Vonage VOIP service for his FAX machine. I have no idea how this works, he had someone else install it. But it appears that an ethernet cord is connected between the router and the Vonage device (,r:12,s:0

    And then the internet is also passed on to the PC.

    Feel free to delete this post as its no longer relevant to its title...

    But if anyone is familiar with what this Vonage device is doing and can perhaps share some knowledge- I'd appreciate it.
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