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buying a new case i have a Foxconn h-rs880-uATX motherboard need a case i can fit this in without having to worry about changing anyting else. any suggestions?
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  1. The HAF'S have always been a popular choice for builders, my personal favorite however is the COSMOS series very good looking cases they will both be large enough for you to do what you need to =)
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    I own a HAF X and installed a Sabertooth 990FX in it. Not exaggerating, it lookies like i installed a micro atx board in my case. Its huge, and a top rated case for high-end system builders. looks purty too! I believe it comes in blue or red LED standard, but im sure you could mod the fans if you needed too. Its not a lanboy, but it definately gives you a ton of options for changes, and has GREAT cable management!
  3. +1^ again Ample Space!
  4. the only thing is my motherboard only has 4 expansion slots so i don think i need a case with 7 slots on the back. do i?
  5. not for that MoBo, but future upgrades will be available without having to replace the case. Something to think about.
  6. ok ill probably end up buying the haf x thanks guys
  7. Not a Hassle =) i know there is a revamped Standard HAF which comes with 2 USB 3.0 connections in the front also look around for that.
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