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Can I install sound card on my desktop motherboard?

Well, I was careless that I drop my drink towards my extension and cause my computer to instantly shut.
After that my comp doesn't have a sound at all.
My motherboard model is Gigabyte 1156 H55M S2H (i think the 1st version) i5 window 7 (i don't know what else to list)
anyways, i can see my motherboard has it's own audio, so should i buy, and install an internal sound card?
or should i fix my motherboard? I'm lacking of tech infos. i get confused whether i could install other audio or not.
give me an advice :( i hate it when there's no sound
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  1. When you spilled your drink, did it spill on your front sound jack or the rear sound jack?
  2. I would try installing a sound card, many of them are very cheap these days and it shouldn't be hard to find one under $10. Even if it doesn't work, I like to know i have an extra piece of anything laying around some where no matter how old it is, for test purposes and such.
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    I would want to know what might have been damaged on the motherboard, in addition to the sound function.

    Fix the motherboard first.

    If it is still under warranty, try to return it for replacement. If not, it is not an expensive motherboard to replace.
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