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I finally decided to upgrade to an SSD from my normal harddrive. i was curious if there was a way to delete all my files off of the 750g hardrive i have and start fresh on the ssd? im just not sure where to start. Any advice would be helpful
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  1. You can format the HD to remove all files.

  2. Yeah, a full format will wipe your HDD clean. Easiest way to do it is AFTER you install the SSD. Simply hook it up, pop a Windows installation disc in your DVD drive, and select that drive as the FIRST boot device in BIOS. Set your SSD as the SECOND.
    When you exit BIOS, your PC will launch the installation procedure from the disc. During installation, you can select your new SSD as the target drive for the installation. The installation software will format it for you and install Windows. If you really want to keep nothing from your old HDD, you can format it here too.
    When your system reboots during the installation process, your PC will again ask you to press a key if you want to boot from the DVD (you selected it the first boot device earlier). So, you guessed it- don't press anything, and your computer will boot straight into Windows on your SSD (because that's the second boot device.).
    With Windows installed on SSD, you can format the HDD (if you haven't during the install process) from Windows Explorer- simply right-click your HDD and select "Format...".
  3. Before you do anything with the ssd, check for latest firmware and then flash it, word of caution, with OCZ SSD's, you cannot do this if it is the boot drive, so I always hook mine up as a blank second drive for flashing.
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