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Acrylic Cases

Im looking for something that has either a very large window/front vent or even and acrylic case. I cant seem to find anything that catches my eyes. I guess the problem is my build is going to be green dominant and i just can find any cases that carry that theme other than the $200 USD Nvidia themed cases. Any one have any suggestions? Im willing to swap out fans (i.e. if stock are blue or red). Also, has anyone had any success in acrylic cases? recommendations?
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    They do exist man, for better or worse lol, another option is make one from acrylic sheet yourself and cut holes where desired
    **Edit, better link :)
  2. yea i think i'm going to give up on the acrylic idea. I know for a fact id end up scratching it or cracking it. I think im going to get this one.'
    or ill just pick one up from a local store and mod it myself. just kinda wish there was one that fit my needs.
  3. My case is a variant on the Tornado from there, nice little boxes to mod :)
    If your going for a colour theme i would suggest modding is the route to pursue, shout up if you want any help :)

    you state your needs, we will find a way to make it happen man :)
  4. Im building my rig around the P67 sabertooth (reccommendations against it?? alternatives?) i7 2600k, gtx 560 ti and 16 Gb of patriot viper xtream 1866, going to be having a 40 gb intel 320 series ssd for windows 7 ultimate and a 120 gb intel 320 series for serious applications, then a standard 3 TB HDD.

    so HELP. this is my first build but I am pretty handy and tech savy i just ahead of myself so my only requirements on a case would be cool (looking and temp) with a window. im open to anything. im just on a slight budget so if it can be kept under 100 id be greatful but if it catches my eye i may go higher. thanks
  5. Best bet for a fresh build idea is post in homebuild and you'll get a lot more responses, I'm not so techsavvy as I am handy with tools hehe
    under 100? dollars/Pounds? gaming or work Pc? 2500k is the gamers choice, 2600 would be a waste of money
    but fill that in and I'll keep an eye out on Hb side for it
  6. sorry i meant USD i keep forgetting this is a multi national site. the 2600k is more for future proofing and i have use some high demand 3d design apps and ill be doing some game design. and thanks ill move that last post to a thread there.
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  8. Thanks for the replies. I ended up getting the coolermaster 430 elite. It was a steal for the price.
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